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JA2 Urban Chaos

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Mod: Urban Chaos
Download: quickfix2


1. Clean JA2 (I used gold)
2. Create a new folder and unpack the UC.rar to this folder.
3. Double click the UC set up icon.
4. Select language & press next.
5. Wait while the install wizard finds all files, locate the JA2 folder you want to install into and select the JA2.exe, press open.
6. The mod will now be installed, this may take a few minutes.
7. After install, unpack quick fix and copy/paste into your JA2UC Data/Binarydata folder. Overwrite the old file.

Optional Extras

Chance to hit calculator Just run setup after unpacking.

New interface Drop the Data folder into JA2UC folder.

Hardcore UC edit AKA Dr. Quacks UC mod Readme

Science fiction pack Readme

Easier download: single click installer from Kaerar: UC SCI


JA2: Urban Chaos sends your team of hardened mercenaries to Danubia, a former Warsaw Pact country embroiled in civil unrest, to rescue a British ambassador and recover the encrypted intelligence he was carrying before it can be used against your employers

JA2:UC features

- An all-new country to explore, featuring over 200 new maps and new tilesets.
- Ten new cities to invade and overtake, and a subway system running between them that will take you to the next one quickly.
- Dozens of new NPCs and quests, including a few familiar faces.
- All new items, guns and weapons, some of which are upgradable like never seen before!
- New intro movies and a totally revamped laptop interface.
- More numerous and aggressive enemies to fully test your mettle.

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