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Cosplay / DBB Mod

Mod Designer

Dboy, TBird, and many others

Tbirds weapons here
I think this is still version 1 , Feel free to correct me ol' Bird.




Very large Weapons/Item Mod

Download Size



Mod: Cosplay
Download: Patch904
Download: Patch905
Download: Patch906
Download: Patch907
Download: Patch908 (Needs to be layed over 907)
Download: Patch908Patch
(The patch launchers are in Chinese but easy to navigate, if you have problems just direct it to your desktop and cut/paste the files from there to Root Ja2 Folder.)

Download: DBB 909 Full


1. Ja2 1.13
2. Extract Cosplay files to JA21.13 Data Folder.
3. Run Patch Install Wizard in order 904-907 into JA21.13 Data Folder.
4. Start a new game. Mod will appear in saved games but tends to crash.

* This Fix makes DBB compatible with CAP system.

Legion 2 Compatible (Included in L2 Installation Wizard)
Renegade Republic Compatible (Same install method as JA1.13 except install into Renegade Data Folder...Not fully tested)

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