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Mod: Vietnam SoG'69
UB Patch 1.01: 1.01 Patch
SOG 69 patch 1: P1
SOG 69 patch 2: P2

Sog 69 ReadME: ReadMe


2.UB Patch 1.01
3.Install Wizard Sog 69
4.Set Campaign from the Root JA2UB folder to SOG 69
5.Intall Wizard Patch 1
6.Set Campaign from the Root JA2UB folder to SOG 69 again*
7.Install Wizard Patch 2
8.Set Campaign from the Root JA2UB folder to SOG 69 again*
9.Look through readme for instructions.

*This may not be necessary but it seems to fix some bugs i had with items getting mixed up


Area of Operations In Vietnam SOG'69 there are three main area of operations (AO): Iron Triangle, An Loc, and Cambodia. There are also two smaller AO's, Journey to Tay Ninh and Tay Ninh. AO's are my way of increasing difficulty in the mod without having the player run into unconquerable sectors too early in the game. AO's become increasingly hard due to more advanced weapons and higher quality enemies. Traveling Between Areas of Operations: The larger AO's cannot be reached on foot, and must be accessed by helicopter or other vehicle. This is done using JA2's teleport feature. Throughout the mod maps with teleports to new AO's will become available through items that provide passwords for zip files. However when traveling from one AO to another be sure to take all the items you may need as once you reach a new AO, there is no going back. The exception to this is the Iron Triangle, where you can travel from back to Tay Ninh at any time by accessing a landing zone (LZ). Note that no items from an old AO are necessary to solve quests in a new one.
Traveling within AO's Travel within an AO is easy as all sectors can be reached on foot. However be aware of landing zones (LZ's) that may provide a strategic advantage to just arriving on foot.
Installing Zips: Most zips a dat file or an html file. The html file can be put in the Briefings folder. This will allow them to be accessible from this file. Dat files are the maps for Vietnam SOG'69.
Install these files in JA2UB/Data/Campaigns/VietnamSOG'69. Make sure you restart JA2UB to load these new files.

Weapon Changes

Handguns have had their ranges increased. The shortest range for handguns is 14 squares and the highest is 19.

VC use .45 cal?

Things are a little different in Vietnam. Many of the US weapons are 9mm, .45 cal, 5.56mm or 7.62 nato based.
The VC/NVA use weapons based on 7.62 soviet pistol, 7.62 soviet, some 9mm, 7.5mm.
This makes the old JA way of scavenging for weapons and ammo a little difficult.
Dead enemies will drop less useful ammo unless your squad is equipped with VC/NVA weapons.
Which for the most part are a little cruddier than the weapons for the US and it’s allies.
This means your team will run out of ammunition in the field. So trips back to Tay Ninh or a friendly fire base should be scheduled in. Unless you want your team to be totally equipped with VC/NVA weapons. Which may not be that bad. This knowledge also means that you should pack your team with as much ammo, medical supplies and c-rations that they can hold. There is a new piece of equipment for medics, the medical bag which can attach a med kit, c-ration type 1 and first aid kit. This is worn by the medic in the chest armor slot, although it provides less protection than a flak vest. After coating it can provide a more adequate amount of protection. The consequence of packing yourself down like that is...


Weight should definitely come into play in this campaign. First off most items weigh more. Medical kits have had their weight increased and armour is heavier. Most of the guns are heavier (not on purpose, it just worked out that way). Plus equipment like C-Rats, which can help your troops out a lot, weigh in at quite a bit. Also you should have your mercs loaded down with ammo, and grenades.
Enemy troops will not drop items they don’t use. They will hardly ever drop medical kits and never drop 40mm ammo or C-rats. These are items that are in abundance at the base but not in the field. Stock up accordingly.


Download: Jona SOG'69

Install:Unpack Data to your JA2UB(SOG)Data Folder.

N.B. There are NO sound files available (because of size)!
If you want to use all of the new features you NEED to add the following:

Download: Sog_En_Sound

Just unpack the files to desktop/sog folder then cut & paste into Data folder.

All Files for
- battlesnds
- npc-speech
- speech

for the following characters from JA2:

- 69 Vince
- 63 Hamous - all 063_* must be renamed to 071_*
- 72 Maddog (replaced by Eve)

This is an Add-On for the fantastic SOG-Campaign!
It should only be used AFTER you played the Original Campaign at least once
or it will spoil some of the Fun.
This Add-On includes NO Fixes.
Have a lot of fun!
Greetings, Jona

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